Scenario 10 -  Rich Pickings

Scenario 10 - Rich Pickings

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Often used by merchants as beasts of burden, columns of oxen and mules are often seen plodding through the avenues and piazzas of Rome. Slow and dull-witted, such columns make excellent targets for the light-fingered and fleet of foot.

Sick of having his wares pilfered, the merchant Iovianus (more commonly known as ‘Bovianus’) has hired a gang to escort his baggage train through Rome. Meanwhile, the domina Marcellina and the dominus Autobus have ordered their gangs to intercept Bovianus and rob him blind.

This scenario has been designed to use four mob bases.

This is a FREE scenario for you to download and play - please let us know how you found it in the Gangs of Rome Facebook Group.