Become an Envoy

Gangs of Rome is growing, and now we need your help to keep up with the demand!

With a growth of in-store demos and tournaments, and a packed calendar of wargame shows, there has never been a greater demand on us to send knowledgeable and, most importantly, personable representatives out into the field to show people just how good Gangs of Rome really is...

...And that's where you come in.

We need people like you, experienced gamers who can hold a spontaneous and animated conversation with complete strangers, and who can represent War Banner and Gangs of Rome. Presentable, affable and able to differentiate between a strict adherence to the rules and enjoying a good game, you'll have played Gangs of Rome to the point where you can run a game without relying on the rulebook (even if you do ohave to dufge it here and there...). You'll be happy to travel to wargames shows and stores in your area, and you'll be happy to do it at least once a month. 

In return we'll give you everything you need to demo the game, from gang fighters to Incola, a mat to Sarissa buildings, as well as freebies and discount codes to give to your adoring public. We'll also give you a generous discount code to use on our Gangs of Rome and Footsore Miniatures webstores, as well as a free and exclusive Gangs of Rome Envoy miniature and profile card. This Envoy is the first of the new Ally miniatures due for release for Gangs of Rome, and it will only be available to those such as yourself; our new Gangs of Rome Envoys.

So, citizen? Are you ready to become an Envoy, and to go forth and further the glory of Rome? You are? Excellent...

...Then email us; we'd love to hear from you.