Event Ticket: Beyond Derventio, Derby 14th April 2019

Event Ticket: Beyond Derventio, Derby 14th April 2019

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Following the success of the Governance of Derventio campaign day, we're returning to the excellent Boards and Swords in Derby with this, our second official event. This series of interlinked scenarios will take the fierce combat of Gangs of Rome beyond the walls of the city and into the countryside beyond. With bands of roving bandits, wild animals and the elements to contend with, these scenarios will test your gang fighters to the absolute limit!

With a ticket that includes lunch, refreshments throughout the day andgoodie bag stuffed with War Banner and Gangs of Rome freebies, you don't want to miss this one.

War Banner will be in attendance throughout the day chatting about not only Gangs of Rome, but Footsore Miniatures, Mortal Gods and other new and exciting projects, making this a must-attend event for all fans of Gangs of Rome, old and new. Places are limited, however, so book your ticket now!

Please note, you'll need a dominus, two complete mob bases, and a 200 coin gang in order to compete in this event. Also, you will not receive a physical ticket for Beyond Derventio, but your name will be added to the register for the day.