Aventine Gang Fighters

The Aquila

Located in a well-to-do shopping arcade, this bar is run by former legionaries. As such it is home to a curious collection of retired soldiers and sailors. The drink is palatable (at best…), the lighting good and the atmosphere is bawdy yet controlled; trouble stays at the door or you leave through the window!

Located on the periphery of the Emporium and within spitting distance of the Mons Testaccio, the Aquila enjoys a booming trade from dock workers and those weary travellers from Ostia and the Tiber. It is a favourite spot for those looking for a safe place to set down their belonging and raise a cup of wine. The proprietor also offers a tailored protection service for the weary and nervous traveller.

Suggested Sarissa Precision kit: Middle-Rank Shop Block (product code T006).

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