Dominus Module - Using a Dominus in Game

Gangs of Rome - Dominus 1

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to talk about the GoR Dominus class models.
Which is a particular type of model designed to represent YOU in specific scenarios and works not unlike a mobile objective or the “King” piece in a game of chess.
A Dominus model has no card or Jigsaw base because the Dominus figure is a “Symbiotic” scenario based figure that essentially freezes in place when not assisted by a fighter, and only has one other thing you need to know... you have six wounds and when they are gone... so are you...

A scenario being dependent on the survival of the Dominus figure plays very differently to standard Gangs Of Rome play, where the Dominus model is not included.
Moving a Dominus across Rome when everyone is out to kill them, is like carrying a Ming Vase through a mosh pit.
It’s likely to end in tears, and your tactics must change if the Dominus is to survive.

A Dominus model is not required for standard Gangs Of Rome play, but may play a part in some scenarios posted in the future and will undoubtedly play an essential role in the full Campaign Supplement due for release in 2018.
Below is the Dominus Module for those of you who may wish to write a scenario that includes a Dominus model in its drama.

A Dominus class model is only ever seen in Gangs Of Rome in a significant story or campaign.
The model for a Dominus (you) when finally used, may move every time any of your fighters do, this is because a Dominus model has no card.
A Dominus figure moves WITH a fighter piece, never independently of one.
A Dominus must always be in base to base contact with a fighter to move, as their movement is also the move of the Dominus.
Don't forget; your fighters are there to protect you, without them on the streets, you're as good as dead!

If in danger or as a tactical necessity, a Dominus model may "detach" from a fighter but will be unable to move again, until it resumes base to base contact with another friendly fighter as a free action.

Gangs of Rome - Dominus 4
A Dominus model is never armed.
You are of silk, of wealth, and are used to expensive things.
To an opposing fighter, one raised in the streets and alleyways of Rome, a Dominus on their own physically possesses no more threat, than that of a small child.

If you get your way and build your influence to a higher level than all other players, once your Dominus model steps foot on the table to cross the city, it will be extremely vulnerable to opposing fighters commissioned to stop you from doing something like reaching the Senate.

You lay dead on the street, the hopes and dreams you had for the Senate will fade from your mind as your blood fills the gutters of Rome.
A sad end to a once-ambitious plan...

Each Dominus is considered to have six flesh; repair may not alter this total.

A fighter with a Dominus cannot blend.

Gangs of Rome - Dominus 2
The inclusion of a Dominus in scenarios can be an intense and high stakes option for the daring among you.
In the standard GoR play there is no Dominus figure as it is assumed they are tucked away safe and sound and having issued orders, only the fighters on the streets, are the lives you need to worry about, but the option is there to expand if you wish.

The inclusion of a Dominus can make a nice change from standard play creating a very different dynamic and will undoubtedly make you think about your coin bank load out very carefully, especially if the death of the Dominus signals the end of the scenario.

The choice is yours.