Salve citizen!

Rome brings many and varied gifts to its denizens, and its denizens bring many and varied gifts to Rome. There is no truer case of this than our range of Incola: ranging from the altruistic Domina Flavia to the grasping Felix, from the peaceable Iberian to the bloody Thessalus, they are as individual as they are unpredictable...

...And we at War Banner love them. In fact, we love them so much we want more, and we want you to design them.

That's right, we want you to submit your new Incola for our consideration, and then we're going to produce the best in all its miniature glory, Incola card and all. So if you have an idea for an incredible Incola, then send it to us. We're looking for an engaging backstory and innovative (yet concise!) rules. You could even draw a picture of the Incola, but that's not essential; what matters is the concept and in-game impact. Entries shall be judged by the great and the good of War Banner, and the best will be put into production, with the winner (or winners, if we get enough quality entries) being credited on the Incola's card and receiving the very first miniature out of the mould.

So what are you waiting for? Get scribbling and get your submissions in. The Design an Incola competition ends on midnight GMT on Friday 12th October. All that remains to be said is all decisions are final, all bribes will be considered...

...And, of course, benediximus!